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    Cederquist Law firm
    Laws, rights and art

    In 2008, one of Sweden’s leading law firms, Advokatfirman Cederquists, contacted TEA to decorate the public spaces in the firm’s offices at Blaiseholmen in central Stockholm.

    It’s an interior design created to support art, people and meetings. All the different elements have been tailor-made – the reception, bar, benches, chairs, tables and storage all exclusively designed for the project. And the colour pallet was selected to harmonise naturally with Cederquist’s new corporate identity.

    One thing that ended up playing a significant role, and therefore characterising the interior design, was the genuine interest in art within Cederquist’s management team. TEA worked with KiWi to hang works of art owned by the firm, and to order new pieces especially for the offices.

    A central part of the project was the design of the courtyard, which is also accessible to other tenants in the building. TEA created an open piazza with stonewalls, plants, furniture and lighting in the courtyard, which also has a stage.

    Stockholm, 2008.