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    Cosmetic office makeover

    Oriflame is a Swedish cosmetics company with sales in more than 60 countries and approximately 7 500 employees around the world. When the company decided to bring its offices from Malmö and Brussels together into a new head office in central Stockholm, TEA was hired to do the interior design of the office.

    The office is located on the third and fifth floors of the former Postgiro building on Mäster Samuelsgatan. The two floors are linked together by an easily accessible staircase in the interior courtyard, where there is also a library with reference and inspirational materials.

    The existing premises had already been converted into offices, so most of the offices and meeting rooms could be saved. Open office spaces were given various colour schemes, clear communication paths and noise reducing measures to create a functional and inspirational atmosphere.

    Today, the concept that TEA developed is the standard for all offices within the Oriflame group.

    Stockholm, 2008.