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    Sustainable sports hall in central Stockholm

    The run-down little 1940s sports hall had had its day. In its place, the Sports Authority and the City of Stockholm wanted a full-sized, modern sports hall on Bohusgatan at Skanstull. Skanstullshallen (sports hall) was the answer, and from the first sketches to the completed construction procurement tender, it’s an architect project with TEA’s signature.

    It was a complex project that commenced in 2002. A large building was to be erected in an existing and densely populated area of the city, and on a steep slope. Additionally, the City of Stockholm had set strict requirements for a sustainable facility, from both a maintenance and environmental perspective.

    Skanstullshallen was designed as a partially souterrain building, the upper part of which was covered in light-coloured facade slates, and the lower part was given a dark black terrazzo facade. The idea behind the short leaning sides and the slightly sloping roof was to create a dynamic impression, which together with the shadowed images of sportspeople on the facade, conveyed the purpose of the hall. To meet the requirement for a sustainable facility, the design included material that withstands heavy wear-and-tear as well as a green living roof.

    When the hall was opened in 2011, it was the first full-sized sports hall built in Stockholm for 70 years.

    Stockholm, 2011.