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    Office inspired by music

    STIM, the Swedish Association of music creators and publishers, contacted TEA in August 2012 with a request for interior design, re-building and an extension of its new property on Hornsgatan in central Stockholm.

    The project involved creating large coherent office spaces as well as finding a way to simplify communication in the building, which was constructed in 1948–1950, and until the 1980’s housed Teleskolan, a school operated by the Swedish Telecommunications Authority.

    TEA’s solution was to more clearly define existing stairs, lifts and lift towers, as well as constructing a glazed connecting corridor in the courtyard.

    Inspiration for the interior design came from STIM’s business areas – the varnished wood and polished brass of musical instruments. Thin lines and the curved shapes of musical notes characterise the office’s specially designed furniture. Additionally, STIM’s colours red, black and white, have been used throughout, bringing to mind nightclubs and concert halls.

    The result is an office where the employees enjoy being and feel right at home.

    Stockholm, 2014.