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    Hässelby library
    Multi-functional cultural centre

    During late autumn in 2013 TEA started work on new premises for the local library in Hässelby Gård, west of Stockholm. In addition to the interior design of the library, a group room was created for the Culture school, plus a meeting centre for civic and social services, as well as consumer and student counselling.

    The space was characterised by glassed walls and sturdy beams that divided the room into three sections. These defined the three departments and the glassed walls were used to the fullest.

    Recycling, flexibility and multi-functionality were the clear guiding principles. Woodwork constructions had multiple functions, a specially designed module interchanged between being a study area, seating bench and book tray. Discarded bookshelves from another library were re-used, chairs and furniture from nearby second-hand shops were renovated and re-painted. Colours from City Library’s updated visual profile were used to define the departments in the open room.

    The assignment was granted by the City of Stockholm’s Department of Culture and the library was ready for opening in February 2014.

    Stockholm, 2014.