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    Mackmyra Destilleri
    The world’s first ever gravity distillery

    In 2009, Mackmyra Swedish Whiskey started expansion work to increase its production capacity and to be able to receive more visitors. TEA was hired for the assignment which resulted in four different projects: a detailed plan for the expansion in Kungsbäck (17 kilometres north of Stockholm), project scoping of the forest warehouse, the new distillery and a smaller visitor centre – Mackmyra Whisky Village.

    The new 37 metre high distillery is a gravity distillery in which the distilling process is helped by the forces of gravity. It’s a method that requires fewer pumps and consumes less energy. The building is made of steel, concrete and glass and is designed around production, but with the visitor in focus, so that the entire production process can be followed during a visit. A glass facade exposes the interior of the distillery to the Whiskey Village’s yet-to-be built square.

    The goal was to give the building its own character that conveyed the hallmarks of Mackmyra: playfulness, sensuality and quality production.

    Due to effective project scoping, the distillery was able to open in December 2011, half a year ahead of the original time plan. In 2012 the project was nominated for the Stora Samhällsbyggarpriset (Swedish building industry award).

    Gävle, 2011.