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    Magnusson Fine Wine
    Östermalm wine cellar

    In 2008 TEA was hired by Magnusson Fine Wine (MFW) to re-build an existing cellar into a modern wine cellar, with the clear ambition of challenging common perceptions of what a wine cellar should look like. The project also included creating a tasting room, a bar and a chambre separée, as well as specially designed decor for all areas.

    The premises on Östermalm in Stockholm had previously been home to several other kinds of businesses, and were perfectly suited for their intended new purpose. A sloping ramp connects a large and dark wine storage room with the street-level public room for wine tasting and consultation.

    TEA deliberately used striking contrasts in order to achieve a modern ambience. Light floors and walls meet dark working benches, and instead of the usual features, the premises are decorated with contemporary art and furnishings. Lighting was central to the work, and the simple flick of a switch immediately creates the most suitable ambience for the event in progress.

    Stockholm, 2008.