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    Proviant Deli
    Wholesome ingredients as they should be

    When Proviant started their restaurant in 2007, they had a simple and clearly formulated vision – to prepare good food every time, on every plate. The kitchen works with monthly themes and makes the most of the Swedish ingredients currently in season.

    It turned out to be a successful idea and Proviant soon decided to expand their business by opening their own shop next to the restaurant on Sturegatan 19 in central Stockholm.

    TEA was hired to create the interior design for Proviant’s shop, with the same high, ambitious level that Proviant had become known for delivering in the kitchen next door.

    To highlight Proviant’s philosophy regarding the value of locally produced food and the importance of quality food production, TEA used a colour and material pallet aimed at enhancing the beauty of the raw materials. An open shelving system, bringing to mind a pantry, was used to present conserved foods, vegetables rest in light wooden crates and meat for sale hangs in a tenderising cabinet.

    Proviant’s shop opened in April 2011.

    Stockholm, 2011.