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    Store concept in motion

    TEA was hired together with Stockholm Design Lab to develop Stadium’s corporate identity and fine-tune the sport chain’s store concept.

    Collaboration with Scandinavia’s largest retailer of sporting goods started in 2005 and the first deliverable was a new 32000 m2 distribution centre outside Norrköping. During spring 2007, a new flagship store was opened outside Gothenburg, the first with the new concept. Since then it has been implemented in all of Stadium’s stores across Scandinavia.

    The concept is characterised by a sporty expression with white and graphite grey as base colours, with splashes of all the colours of the rainbow. The numbers focus of the new visual identity set the standard for a look-and-feel with sharp corners and gradients that convey speed and motion.

    In 2011 Stadium+ opened its doors, the retail chain’s first ever stand-alone store with a complete range of goods in Svågertorp outside Malmö. TEA also designed this building to accompany the store concept.

    Malmö, 2011.