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    Villa Torekov
    Maximised living space with sweeping views

    The affluent, idyllic summer town of Glimminge on the Southwest coast of Sweden includes many houses of different styles. Most of the buildings are summer homes that have been renovated into year-round homes. It’s here, on a small piece of land separated from the ocean by only a simple stone wall, that TEA has designed a private summer home with maximised living space on a limited plot.

    The building is designed in the shape of a box. It has a smaller upper floor that is surrounded by a terrace giving expansive views of the ocean. A striking open ground floor, with large sliding glass doors, blurs the boundary between inside and out. There is nonetheless a clear distinction on the inside between the open social spaces facing the sea and the service areas on the back of the house. A garden shed, two small out-houses and a guest cabin on the land shelter the rooms on different sides of the building.

    The clean-style summer house was complete in 2005 and since then it has been highlighted in the interior design magazine Residence, and featured on the cover of the window-maker Velfac’s product brochure.

    Torekov, 2005.