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    Global shop concept

    When the fashion brand We are the Superlative Conspiracy (WeSC) opened its new concept store at Jakobsbergsgatan 6 in Stockholm, it was TEA that had been hired to create a store concept in which skateboarding culture meets high-end fashion.

    Simply on opening the door to the store the visitor was to be swept into a world inspired by the punk mentality and unique, individual expressions of the skate scene. The concept would also transfer the attitude from WeSC’s products into a brand experience.

    The answer lay in the intersection between high and low, street and luxury, attitude and humour. Innovative ways to display products, unique furnishing details and walls adorned with the clothing brand’s ambassadors – WeActivists – helped to embody the lifestyle that is the WeSC brand. WeSC now uses the concept in 14 cities around the world.

    Stockholm, 2010.