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    Meeting furniture

    Edsbyn Kontorsmöbler (office furniture) is one of Sweden’s best-reputed furniture manufacturers. They asked TEA to create a furniture range for different kinds of meetings: a desk series for flexible workspaces and accompanying storage furniture that would also be used with technical equipment.

    The result was PIECE – an elegant shelf unit with features that suit both the home and office. The first products were presented during the Stockholm Furniture Fair in 2011. A laptop shelf, a whiteboard made of glass and a wall-mounted hybrid cupboard and shelf that comes in different colours and dimensions were introduced at that time.

    In 2012, the series was expanded with a sturdy table intended for meetings as well as project work. The table comes in two heights and both the length and breadth are adjustable. In 2014, the series was complemented with a round table.

    PIECE has been a success and has proved to be suitable in several types of environments, for example a number of universities have furnished their study areas with desks from the series.

    Stockholm, 2011.