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    Landshypotek Bank
    Head office inspired by nature

    One of Sweden’s largest commercial cooperatives, Landshypotek Ekonomisk Förening, hired TEA to design a new head office for Landshypotek Bank in central Stockholm.

    The new head office, which was ready in spring 2012, is located at the very top of Mood Stockholm shopping centre, at the crossroads of Regeringsgatan and Jakobsbergsgatan. The mission was to create a modern office, with a distinct identity and good opportunities for client meetings.

    Inspiration for the decor came from the core values that permeate the client’s business: long-term, caring, competent. Since Landshypotek’s clients work primarily within rural business sectors, TEA selected timeless colours and sustainable materials with a clear link to nature. Ash wood, leather and wool in hues of green, yellow and brown immediately bring to mind Swedish forests, cornfields and soil.

    A carefully planned floor layout allowed for an adaptable office with a welcoming reception and meeting area, as well as an internal section with open workspaces for approximately 50 people.

    Stockholm, 2012.