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    Symbolic design classic

    Cappellini is an Italian, family-owned company and one of the world’s most respected furniture manufacturers. Giulio Cappellini is the manufacturer behind design stars such as Jasper Morrisson, James Irvine and Tom Dixon.

    As part of The Cappellini Progetto Oggetto Collection project, Cappellini requested a few carefully selected designers to create designer items for the home. TEA’s founder, Thomas Eriksson was one of those chosen for the coveted work. Eriksson’s contribution was Cross, a bright red metal cupboard that since its creation in 1992 has become a modern design classic, and is found in many stylishly designed homes and public spaces worldwide.

    The starting point for Eriksson’s design was to take a well-known symbol – the red cross – and bring it into an everyday context, thereby attributing it even greater value. In 2007 a whole new edition of the cupboard was produced. Cross is part of the permanent exhibition in the prestigious Museum of Modern Art in New York.

    Stockholm, 1992.