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    Ericsson Studio, Kista
    Creative workshop for telecom enthusiasts

    Ericsson wanted to establish a combined showroom and experiment workshop for telecom enthusiasts from all over the world, right next to its head office in Kista just north of Stockholm.

    TEA was hired for the project in 2011, and five months later, the 30×54 metre temporary building was complete. This rapid work process presented an opportunity to create a relaxed and in-progress atmosphere, reflecting the constantly on-going creative process.

    The studio is characterised by a playful and welcoming design, with a dynamic mix of furniture, lighting and colours. By organising the building as rooms within a room, TEA has created an environment that awakens curiosity and a desire to experiment.

    An exhibition area has stands showing specific products. The centre also houses a lab, workshop, theatre, cinema, café and an open auditorium.

    Ericsson Studio has won awards for the best and most environmentally friendly centre/showroom. For TEA, the project has resulted in new assignments from companies that have visited the Studio.

    Kista, 2011.