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    Fashion client
    Fashionable renovation and design

    In 2016 one of Sweden’s largest fashion companies approached TEA with a request to design the interior of their head office at Maria Skolgata 83 in Stockholm.

    The office is located in the oldest property in the Tobaksmonopolet block in Stockholm’s Södermalm neighbourhood. Constructed between the years 1917 and 1922, the building was designed by the builder Emil Lindkvist while the architect Ivar Tengbom configured its typical 1920s classicism facades. According to Stadsmuseet (the City Museum), this former industrial plant is of particularly great cultural historical value.

    To tailor the premises for a youthful and hip fashion company, a colour scale and fabric palette were used that bring to mind tight jeans and punk. The result is an office that mirrors the company’s identity and supports the business through creative solutions and humour.

    The office was complete in January 2017.

    Stockholm 2017.