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    Exclusive main entrance at desirable address

    Mästerhuset is one of the most attractive office buildings in Stockholm. It is located on Mäster Samuelsgatan in the heart of the capital. In 2013, TEA was hired by Pembroke Real Estate to refurbish Mästerhuset’s main entrance and lift halls to create an atmosphere that meets the expectations of such an address.

    TEA has shaped an open and airy entrance area that exudes calm exclusivity, in which the natural colour and feel of materials and surfaces have been kept. A modern expression is conveyed by highlighting handcrafted details.

    Light floors are made out of limestone from Norrvange, and the walls are clad in stucco, in patterns that are also used on the building’s exterior.  The most eye-catching feature of the new entrance hall is the wavy wall panel made of sawn wood pieces, which leads the way into the building’s similarly exclusive interior.

    Mästerhuset was opened on 1st September 2015.

    Stockholm, 2015.