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    Oriflame Cosmetics

    A head office of beauty

    Oriflame is a Swedish cosmetics company with sales in more than 60 countries and approximately 7 500 employees around the world. In 2017 when the company wanted to improve the entrance, meeting rooms and common areas at the head office in central Stockholm, TEA was commissioned for the job.

    TEA took inspiration from the circular shape of Oriflame’s well-known logo. Round patterns in the carpets, a curved reception desk and wavy walls clad in wooden panels give the entrance a soft and welcoming feeling. Colour has been added to the lobby through brighter features from Oriflame’s colour palette. This contrasts to the neutral white hues of the rest of the office where features in light pastel tones are visible in the larger break areas and the bistro.

    TEA has previously designed showrooms and laboratories for Oriflame. In 2008 TEA was also commissioned to design the interior of the company’s brand new head office on Mäster Samuelsgatan in Stockholm. The concept created at that time remains the standard for all offices within the Oriflame group and is constantly being evolved by TEA.

    Stockholm, 2017