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    Sture library
    A library for people on the go

    To meet demands for accessibility and service, Stockholm City Library and the Department of Culture are developing libraries for people on the go. One of the first steps in the project was the opening of Sture bibliotek (Sture library) in Östermalm underground station in 2009. The interior design assignment went to TEA.

    A library is a quiet and peaceful place. An underground station is loud and lively. Bringing these two worlds together to create a calm oasis for people on the go was the vision that TEA worked towards during the project. Inspiration came from the world of books, with the hard covers and white pages of a book shaping the character of the decor, and contributing strongly to the identity of Sture library.

    The result is a place where visitors can slip away from the stress of the underground, borrow a book, read a magazine or use one of the many library services.

    Stockholm City Library’s SL Underground station library initiative was awarded the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce city environment prize in 2010.

    Stockholm, 2009.