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    Hjärtat Pharmacy
    A store concept with a big heart

    In 2014 TEA developed a new interior design concept for Hjärtat Pharmacy, a pharmacy chain that was acquired by the ICA Group at the beginning of 2015. The assignment was to create a store in which customers feel inspired by a surprising and relaxed environment, making their visit to the pharmacy both easy and natural.

    Using the human body as a metaphor, TEA’s concept also brings Hjärtat Pharmacy a step closer to its vision of being the “pharmacy of the future” and thereby contributes to achieving the highest of sales targets.

    Responsibility, consideration and inspiration have been central themes in the development of the store concept. These are expressed in the form of a continuous steel structure, distinct wooden features and colourful illustrations that decorate both the walls and furniture, and are visible in the displays.

    Implementation is ongoing, and the first stores to apply the concept were those in Åkersberga Centre, Vallentuna and Kungens Kurva. Since opening, the stores have increased sales by up to 30 percent in comparison with the corresponding period of the previous year.

    Stockholm, 2015.