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    New meetings framed by steel

    When the tenants of Blasieholmen 55 in Stockholm requested a natural space to hold informal meetings, TEA was hired by Humlegården Fastigheter (Real Estate) to renovate the building’s atrium for the purpose.

    TEA’s solution was ten white, solid steel arches that rise from the stone floor to frame in a new floor in the centre of the inner courtyard. The construction links together the building’s office areas via newly built doors in the courtyard facades, external corridors and stairs, creating new possibilities for both spontaneous and unplanned meetings. A sizeable staircase underneath the ten-metre-high and 6.5 tonne steel arches also functions as a platform for standing gatherings and presentations.

    So that the atrium and its surrounding offices receive as much light as possible from the courtyard skylights, the stairs and beams have been fitted with glass railings. The floor surfaces have been constructed to dampen the sound of footsteps and background noise, and much of the ceiling has been clad with white acoustic plaster.

    The construction – which is called Nexus – was complete in May 2017.

    Stockholm, 2017