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    Väsby Fyr
    Upplands Väsby landmark

    TEA has been assigned by BRABO to design a 14-storey apartment block in Upplands Väsby, just north of Stockholm. The building, which was ready for residents to move in in May 2016, is centrally located, next to the commuter train station. Known as the Väsby Fyr (Väsby lighthouse), the building has become a landmark in the area due to its height.

    Väsby Fyr was built on an existing garage and includes 50 apartments with balconies and sweeping views. There’s a gym, sauna and a garage with 36 parking spaces in the building, as well as lifts between the floors.

    There are two sections to the building, a lower part that matches the characteristics of the town and a taller part that corresponds to the large-scale buildings in the surrounding area.

    A private south-facing garden with clear views of a nearby park allows for sunshine all day long. On the roof high up, there’s a west-facing terrace for members of the building’s housing association to use. An outdoor kitchen, gas grill oven and outdoor furniture allow for larger dinner gatherings as well as privacy.

    All the apartments in Väsby Fyr were sold on the first day that they went up for sale.

    Upplands Väsby, 2015.