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    GS1 Sweden
    Interactive exhibits illustrate business benefits

    GS1 Sweden is part of a global not-for-profit organisation that develops international standards for product and information flows using unique series of digits. These are used for identifying articles, places and goods, for example.

    In 2011, TEA was hired to create an interactive product exhibition that would illustrate how standardisation streamlines business processes and simplifies trade. In a Concept Centre on Järnvägsgatan 15 in Stockholm the business benefits would be brought to life in an educational and inspirational way.

    TEA created exhibits including films, diorama and technical aids in which visitors could discover the benefits of standardisation for themselves in different situations. The exhibits were placed on three circular stages with dark ceilings and floors as well as controlled lighting to enhance the interactive scene and help the visitor focus on the exercise.

    The result was an effective and much appreciated educational tool for GS1 Sweden. In response to increasing demand, and to be able to welcome larger groups, the facilities have subsequently been expanded and updated.

    Stockholm, 2011.