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    Nordea’s dynamic interior

    When Nordea – Northern Europe’s largest banking and financial group – were to decorate the new entrance to their offices at Smålandsgatan 17 in central Stockholm, the project was assigned to Thomas Eriksson Arkitekter.

    The new entrance that connects the office levels of the PK building (PK-huset) and Mästerhuset, is located two floors up, right across Smålandsgatan with views of the newly constructed Smålandstorget square. Behind the façades, clad from floor to ceiling in discreetly mirrored glass, TEA has created a space in which customers, partners and employees from the two buildings can meet in dynamic surroundings.

    Access to the entrance is via an escalator or a lift from the street level, and the outside walls of the lift have been covered with perforated panels of ash wood, which changes colour at different heights, from deep blue to pure light ash. The choice of colours for the interior have been inspired by the stone façade of PK-huset. On the entrance floor, a green tree grows through a pink-tinted, ash-veneered registration desk, and the reception desk nearby is enlivened by a pleasant and pulsating light.  To remind the visitor of Nordea’s Scandinavian origins, TEA has used native materials throughout, such as leather-wrapped handrails and specially designed wool carpets in the meeting rooms.

    The entrance on Smålandsgatan was opened in June 2017.

    TEA has also designed the entrance building.

    Stockholm, 2017